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Tell us a bit about yourself...

I am the 20 year old born and bred Pretoria girl-Ti-Amore Fourie. I am currently a 2nd year student at Tukkies and I am studying to graduate with a Business Commerce degree in Financial Management.
I could be considered to be a little bit of a nerd seeing as I am very academically orientated. I believe education is key and with it, the world is your oyster!

I have won over 15 pageants and I have represented my country internationally 4 times in 2 continents. I have been fortunate enough to reach heights such as top 12 Miss SA teen, Miss Jacaranda city, Miss Teen SA-World, 2nd princess Miss Teen World (Texas), Modelling Grand Champion of the World (Los Angeles), Miss Million Dollar, Miss Intercontinental South Africa, Top 15 Miss Intercontinental (Spain) and La Stella d'Europa or Star of Europe (Italy).

Beauty pageants are more than just a hobby to me, they are a passion and now they are my business. This year I was fortunate enough to become the national director of Miss Intercontinental SA and I hope to provide girls just like me with exciting opportunities to travel and broaden their own horizons.

At what age did you get started with pageants and what brought about the interest?

I loved pageants from the young and tender age of 5 but I only took my interest seriously from the age of 15 when I made top 12 for Miss SA teen, I was inexperienced and way out of my league but it was the start of great things and a journey I wouldn't exchange for a thing!

What was the first pageant you won?

My first proper pageant title that I took home was when I was crowned Miss Teen Jacaranda City at age 16. I was overjoyed!

What is your favourite pageant dress colour and why?

My favourite colour for a pageant dress would have to be red. I find that it's a daring and bold colour but most of all its eye-catching which is vital if you competing in a large category.

Who is the one pageant queen you've always looked up to and why?

Cindy Nel is a pageant queen I have always admired simply because she is a good role model for women everywhere, whether you a pageant queen or not. She was a Miss SA but she is also a successful entrepreneur, business women, wife and mom. A combination that I believe any woman is capable of and should strive for.

Any embarrassing moments on stage, if so...tell me more ;)?

I have been fortunate enough to not have had any embarrassing moments to date... Except for someone occasionally stepping on the train of my dress.

Have you had any support from your parents regarding pageants?

Yes most definitely, my parents have been my biggest support system but I must say that my whole family are involved in the pageant process. Pageants involve a lot of preparation, hard work and dedication and my parents are there every step of the way. I really appreciate their love, commitment and dedication to both my passion and to myself!

How important do you think it is to have a support structure (family/friends) when you part take in pageants?

I believe a support structure is vital in the beauty pageant industry. You have to be able to win gracefully and lose even more so and thus having family by your side every step of the way keeps you humble, grounded and focussed. In an industry that is extremely superficial and where jealousy reigns supreme, it is essential to maintain a balance and to have family there to lift you up on the low moments and well as celebrate on the highs.

Who is your all time favourite Miss SA, and why?

Cindy Nel is a Miss SA I have always admired simply because she is a good role model for women everywhere, whether you a pageant queen or not. She was a Miss SA but she is also a successful entrepreneur, business women, wife and mom. A combination that I believe any woman is capable of  achieving and should definitely strive for.

Which pageant are you most proud of winning?This is a tough one... I must say that each and every pageant experience has taught me valuable life lessons whether it was through the outcome of the results or the people I encountered on the journey and thus making this choice very difficult. I would have to say the title I'm most proud to carry is Miss Intercontinental SA and I say this because of the life-changing experience I had in Spain as well as the doors it has opened for me.

What is your pageant goal for this year, that one title that you really working towards obtaining?

This year I am letting my own pageant goals take a back seat to my studies as well as my new business. My ultimate goal however is Miss SA but that is something for the future...

What's the one thing you love about the pageant industry?

My favourite thing about this industry would have to be the "glitz and glam" of it all. I love the jewellery, tiara's and sashes but most of all my weakness are the beautiful dresses. Any girl can be a princess in the industry... It just takes some hard work and perseverance.

The one thing you hate about the pageant industry?

My biggest dislike about the industry would have to be jealousy and imitation of style and clothing-which in my opinion goes hand-in-hand with a lack of individualism but you know as the saying goes 'immitation is the most sincere form of flattery'.

Favourite TV shows?My favourite tv show would have to be CSI. I have an extremely inquisitive and analytical mind and I love trying to solve the crime along with the detectives.

Favourite music/artists/bands?I like to listen to a little bit of everything. I play piano so I like everything from classical to house, hip-hop and rap. You need to experience all types of music to appreciate the finer artists and sounds.

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